Wifi Off

Well this was partly intentional, and partly not. I missed 3 days of posting on this site. I am not happy with it, although I knew that it was going to happen. It has a lot to do with my latest focus on writing, my concentration on fiction. And that has paid off. It’s paid off huge in both word count and completion of two 1st drafts that have been lagging for far too long and I was able to launch right into another WIP. Additionally, I’ve increased my daily word count average to over 1000 words a day in the last 15 days, with today’s word count still going.

But it came at a cost: my blog.

Given that I am putting so much energy into my fiction, my blogging has suffered. And not only because I am concentrating on fiction, but because I’ve also simply turned the damn internet off. That’s kindof helped me forget that I have a blog in the first place.

I’ve been trying to wean myself from the draw of electronics and being online. And while I use word and other word processors for my writing, I’ve found it easier to simply turn off the wifi and put the computer into airplane mode as a means to keep me from opening up things that take up my attention.

Eventually I will get past it. I will move back towards a more regular blogging/posting behavior, but it will take some time. For now, I am going to continue moving as I have been. I’ll post still, it will just be a little less frequently.

2 responses to “Wifi Off”

  1. [ Smiles ] Do like me and schedule your blog posts to be automatically posted on certain days and times.

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    1. Thank you for the comment. I know I should. The slacker in me has fought against doing it. One of these days I am going to throw down a few and get that done.

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