Nearing Completion

I am just about ready.

It’s getting very close.

I haven’t published anything since December 2016. Most of my projects have been in some form of initial draft. This year I should at least get 3 different stories out. I am damn close.

Over the weekend, Of Earth and Ice part 2 eclipsed 20,000 words as I started the closing scene for that part. It should finish between 25,000 and 30,000 words as I continue to fill it all in. Given my current writing pace, I am looking at finishing it before next week where I will move part 2 into editing and slam right into part 3.

Next, Gravity books 4 and 5 are nearing completion. Essentially the first draft of book 4 is done and I only have touch up work for book 5 to do. Frankly, because of how I wrote them, I need to untangle stories and separate sections out, so I have to wait until I finish in full. Each part will be 30,000+ words, the largest chapters in the saga so far. They are also incredibly close and need only about 2,000 more words to wrap it up. Another week there as well.

I am pushing hard on writing fiction, which is why my blog posts have started to become sporadic (which I am OK with).

After next week I should have 3 stories in the editing and revision phase. Score! But unlike in the past where I just stop writing to focus on the revisions, I am going to bust my ass and move into the next projects. One being part 3 for Of Earth and Ice. Another being Gravity 6. Still another being book 2 of Agnes Pyle.

Momentum. I am pushing to hold it rather than letting up simply because I hit a certain point, because I think I crossed a finish line.

Fact is: “There is no end zone. You never cross the goal line, spike the ball and do your touchdown dance. Never.” ― Frank Buckman Parenthood

I might be nearly done this portion of these projects. But that doesn’t mean I am done.

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