Last Poetry Thursday

The title is only partly true. Like with the short stories, I just don’t want to burn out trying to maintain a weekly posting ritual for poems. That being said, I will be still putting poems up onto the site, just less often. So yesterday was the last regular Thursday I am going to post poetry.

This is all coming from a couple of simultaneous movements that I am making in regards to my creative endeavors. My ultimate goal has always been to have a career as a fiction writer. Not a poet. Not an artist. Not a cartoonist. Not a blogger. Writing fiction is in a large way where my creativity drives to. Each can certainly feed into the other, so I never want to cart-blanche give them up. I do still want to write poetry, draw, create a web comic, etc. And I made a commitment to put content up on my site/blog daily if possible.

The issue is that 2017 had 0 releases other than things on my blog towards the end of the year. Nothing. No books. Nothing. No Gravity 4. No part 2 for Of Earth and Ice. No book 2 for The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle. No standalone novel, novella, novelette, or short story to speak of. I am close with a couple of those things, just not close enough. I can’t repeat that this year.

It boils down to how I manage time with all of these goings-on. Or rather, how I simply haven’t managed any of that worth a shit. That has been changing little by little, and I want to do more. I also don’t want to rush it.

These last weeks for me has been about scaling back. Minimalizing. Clearing up junk and useless things. With that, I have been figuring out other areas that I need to cut back in order to clear up time for other areas. Poetry is one of those areas. Poetry for me is a purely inspiration-based endeavor. I can’t force it. Worrying about posting one once a week is a stress I don’t want to have. To avoid that stress, I am scaling back how much I am going to post of my poetry. For those who enjoy my poetry, I am sorry. It will hopefully mean that I write and post better, more fulfilling poems here in the future, albeit less often.

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