The Junk is Finally Gone

I had gotten to the point where I was just done with my non-caring ways in eating and health. And I am happy to report that today was the last day that there was any junk food that I am interested in eating in the four walls of where I live.

One of the rules that I hear many say when entering a new diet is to purge foods that counter the diet. I’ve never really subscribed to that. I believed that I could be strong enough to resist when I wanted to. Nope. Not the case. Funny enough, my wife and I talked about that very topic, about the immense need to eat those junk foods when they are available and easy to get. Cravings can come and go, even when you don’t satisfy them. Have the food right there, and you’ll satisfy them. Now as long as I can avoid buying them in the store, I should be alright.

It’s a good first step towards reigning everything back in.

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