I’ve now posted something on my site each day for the past 33 days (today included). Every one of those days I was able to make it a point to post something, anything, be it a blog post, a poem, or a short story. Something. While it’s been a challenge, I must say that so far it has been worth it.

For starters, being forced to come up with something every time has been greasing the writing wheels. Where I thought I would struggle with ideas, it has been more an issue of getting them down in the first place. Writing most of everything by hand has helped with that for sure. In truth though, I’ve been deciding to not write about more topics than I’ve been writing down. Many border on the controversial and I have not entombed them with ink onto paper, but that has less to do with writing than with them being less-than-fully-formed ideas. However I digress. That’s a topic for another day.

This effort has helped me to manufacture the building blocks of writing discipline. I’ve made it a rule for myself that I have to post something everyday. I am not overly concerned if there is always a long form blog post each day; I just want something relevant to me on the site. No matter whether or not it is long form, it’s the concept of doing the work, to perform the task that is important. Someone once said that discipline is doing the things you don’t want to do. And that fits. Not that I don’t want my blog to have a daily (or more frequent) update, rather the work to do so is less-than-my-first-choice in time spent. Pushing through the urge to not do it helps make this all worthwhile.

Secondary to all of that, but huge nonetheless, has been the growing audience. I can only imagine that my ability to maintain this consistency has earned it even more than my hope of it being those interested in my opinion. People are reading my work. If they also buy one of my books, then fantastic! And though that’s a goal, it’s not entirely the point. Having readers in general is the quintessential goal, whether they pay or not. Thus, the growing list of those following is awesome.

All of it is encouraging me to continue my efforts. To keep up the frequency of new content. I am very likely also going to start experimenting with what I post, doing deeper dives into thoughts or having some fun. I really look forward to what the future holds with this site. And I hope everyone enjoys the ride.

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