I don’t know about you, the reader, but every so often I get an awesome compliment that means much more to me than what one would expect given the subject matter. In this case, I received two compliments at the Indie-Author Event this last Saturday that struck me. Both were on my covers. One for The Good Teacher, and the other for The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle.

Creepy, huh? Perfect!

For the first, one of the other authors came up and noted that the cover for The Good Teacher to her was creepy. That was the emotion that the cover evoked. Sounds bad, right? In truth, given the story, I wanted something of that sort of reaction. With the dichotomy of the title, evoking a creepy feeling is perfect. Right on target. Awesome!

Next was on a specific detail of The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle. I was told that the font used for “Agnes Pyle” on the cover was wonderful and that the writers wanted to know what the font was so that they could use it. It is actually my handwriting, refined via GIMP. I know it disappointed them a little in that it wasn’t something that easily accessible, but I did tell them that they could use it, no problems.

Essentially they complemented my hand-writing, but that’s still cool!

Given that I currently do 100% of the work for all my covers, these compliments are cool. I can still find a lot wrong with each book, but this gives me pause that maybe I am getting something right. Something where my skills are still in their infancy. And that is a huge kick in the rear to keep at it.

One response to “Compliments”

  1. Hell yeah. All the time when I get a dope comment on my blog I. It’s so nice. I’m going to follow you for more stuff. You write well. Maybe you would return the favour check out my latest blog post? Thanks !


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