A Weak Mind

I am trying more and more to write via a notebook rather than using a computer. I am trying to leave my phone and tablet behind as often as I can. This past weekend I was not good at doing that. My weakened mental state got the better of me. What’s worse is that I don’t feel as though I got any true rest due to my insistence to keep looking at my damn phone. Amazing how that works.

Granted, I haven’t converted my fiction fully over to my notebook. Really, not at all. Plus all of my marketing attempts would require a computerized device of some form. But given that my discipline is terrible, intentions gave way to the weak mind. Then I got caught in a cycle where I am unable to switch off, without getting anything done to start with. Lots of effort mentally for no progress.

I heard from Jocko Willink  on a podcast state that “discipline is freedom.” It’s tough sometimes to understand it. What does that mean? But then when a weak willpower or weak mind causes a lack of productivity, I begin to see what it means. Being subject to these weak impulses has left me trapped. Stuck in dissatisfaction. It seems overcoming these lapses would be in my best interest. Even if it just means letting my brain turn off every so often. That would be a win itself.

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