Going Back

I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Specifically whether I was ready to move my books from being Amazon exclusives and making them available everywhere. That what I wanted to do eventually, so earlier this year I did it. I have been wondering if it was too soon. Here’s why I think that:

  • I still haven’t gotten all my titles on the other sites. The next bullet point explains a little about why.
  • It takes a lot of extra editing and formatting to get the books ready for the other retailers. Amazon is about the easiest to work with, followed closely by Barnes and Noble which also adds extra editing features to their platform which is nice. But each retailer needs the initial files formatted differently. Some more than others. And taking a file and getting it tuned to all of the different formats takes a lot of time.
  • Making sure that all the pricing is correct and matching can be a pain, and they do not update evenly. I change one retailer, I have to go through and change them all individually and make sure that they match.
  • Thus mark-downs are a pain to manage.
  • My books aren’t available for Kindle Unlimited as long as they aren’t enrolled in the KDP Select program. (That’s at least from what I can read or tell.)
  • Oh, and those discounts and mark-downs? I can’t make my ebooks free on Kindle if I am not in KDP Select.

Given my recent drive to reduce my distractions and uncomplicate things, I feel that it is best if I resume Amazon exclusivity for the majority of my work. This makes sense now too since I plan on doing a massive revision for the three Gravity novellas I have out now. Do I really want to deal with bullet point #2 again after that?

So expect this weekend for that to happen. Not that I don’t want to continue expanding the availability for what I write, I just need to consolidate and focus from now on before I do.

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