Honoring the Military

I believe in freedom. I also believe that this country has not accurately represented the idea of freedom for some time, and that it continues to decline in stature as a free country. But there are still signs that freedom is still alive.

Take the case of Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, and his protest of the national anthem to bring awareness to Black Lives Matter. He chooses not to stand for the anthem. Good for him.

In my not-so-humble-opinion, that (Black Lives Matter) is a worthy cause. There is a group of Americans who feel as though they are being mistreated. They feel that their protests and pleas are not being answered. Instead, much of the media shows the backlash of people like Rudy Giuliani who call the protest a sham. And an equal number of people who believe Colin should be ashamed of himself and that he is disrespecting those who served the country by his protest.


How is he disrespecting my father or brother or grandparents or uncles, and all others of whom served in the armed forces? Because he doesn’t pledge allegiance to a country that is not handling an injustice? If anything, he is HONORING soldiers and armed forces members with his protest. He is showing them that their work in fighting for freedom is holding true. That one of the country’s citizens is able to stand up against tyranny (even if some argue it is only perceived… I can rehash a great Louis CK quote for that one, but I won’t). That that citizen feels safe enough that he would not get imprisoned or executed for expressing his opinion, a fate that happens in so many other countries where people who are oppressed cannot speak out.

That is the highest representation of honor that can be bestowed from a citizen onto the military. Using their freedom to protest their government. If they weren’t able to, or chose not to in order to satisfy some social norm, how can we call our country free? And then what did our military fight for?

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