Old and New

It is closing in on my own deadlines, and although I am possibly going to miss it by a day or two, I am moving along. At least at this moment I am still on target to reaching my goal of publishing “The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle,” my upcoming YA (Young Adult) supernatural/fantasy novel, in late September/early October. But I can’t let that be the only thing I do.

At this time, I have several projects that I can likely push to fast releases to accompany Agnes. Some are short stories, a couple are novels, and then there is always part 4 of my saga Gravity.

As an indie writer the greatest strength that I have is that there is nothing stopping me except for my own behaviors in getting a ton of work published. The more material, the more opportunities. Now it’s not saying quantity over quality, but it is saying quantity. That is one of the many weapons an indie has.

I am not restricted to publisher deadlines. I am not stopped by interfering with another writer’s release timing. There are no contracts telling me that I can only release a particular number of works over a set timeframe. I am in control of all of that. So if I have work to put out, why not put it out?

Because I have more than just several projects ready for fast release…

There’s old projects and new projects, many just sitting there awaiting me to do something with them. For starters there’s this book I wrote over 15 years ago, 50,000+ words, needing a read-through and revision. That’s it. I’ve already gotten a good first pass from alpha readers.

There’s a short story I’ve been sitting on for about 2 years awaiting a cover from a friend. What’s stopping me from building a temporary cover and putting it out there until the promised cover is made?

Two projects I used to post as monthly serialized stories on my website, a crime noir and a dystopian scifi, can make easy novellas like my saga Gravity.

Overall I counted 15 different projects in various stages that if I put enough effort I can have them all out in the next 2 to 3 years. And that doesn’t include book 2 of Agnes, or books 5+ for Gravity. That’s at least 5 projects out a year, which is a very good pace (even if a bunch are just short stories).

The point is that like the advice above and from my prior post, the only thing stopping me from putting this stuff out there is me. So what the hell am I waiting for? An engraved invitation?

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