No More Help

Music hasn’t been helping. I am finding it strange, but music hasn’t been helping me write anymore. The only way it does is if it is just barely audible as I am listening to it. Even then, it’s a hit or miss. At some point, I was able to listen to music of all kinds … Continue reading No More Help

Happy 311 Day!

Today is March 11th… or better known to me and many others like me as 311 day. 311 is a rock-reggae fusion band out of Omaha, Nebraska, with several hits that brought them temporarily into the mainstream. They’ve been rockin’ for over 30 years and have been one of my favorite bands since having been … Continue reading Happy 311 Day!

Going To Chvrch

It’s about time that I admit something. For years I’ve stated repeatedly that my favorite band is 311. That was indeed the case for many many years. Even to this day, when a 311 song starts playing, I have to jam. As an upbeat dancehall style (rock/reggae fusion), it is impossible to not— as in … Continue reading Going To Chvrch