And After a Brief Hiatus…

Last week, my family and I took a trip down to Florida so that we could visit Disney World and Universal Studios. It was the second time this year we did so (something we are exceptionally fortunate to be able to do while also having a lot of gratitude for the sacrifices that enabled it). Anyway, as such, it meant that I forgave myself for a complete abandonment of writing goals, including abandoning posting on here for the week.

It meant no writing, no Monday blog post/essay, no Wednesday poem, and no Free Fiction Friday. While the goal is to pre-load posts for any vacation, it is yet within my ability to do so. There is much work still to be done in many ways before I am able.

But then why wasn’t this one up on Monday? Well, there was much catching up to do. Chores and work primarily occupied my return days. It might take another week to get fully back into the swing of it all, but damn it, I will try.

Anyway, there is much to discuss in my trip to Disney and Universal. In many ways, it reminded me again both of what I love about Disney and what it is that I have grown to hate. It is my assertion that Disney is itself in a slump on all fronts. Granted, that doesn’t mean that it is unable to produce good content, only that the average quality of the content is well below what we’ve come to expect.

In the coming weeks, I hope to finish my response series “Why I am Failing as a Writer” and iron out an essay on Disney — and on modern storytelling as a whole. There have also been a few other hypothesis I’ve been toying with I’d like to write about. Those will occupy the next few weeks at least for Monday’s normal postings/essays. Wednesdays are covered and will be for some time. There is plenty of poems to choose from to post, including some that I had up at one time and took down. Finally, I hope to have a few short stories to sputter another attempt at starting up Free Fiction Friday. These will all coincide as I try to reinvigorate my writing routines.

Anyway, to put it bluntly, after vacation last week, I am back to my normal shenanigans.


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