Not Others

There are plenty to be distracted by. But they are distractions. They are the acts and behaviors of others. Other people. People who are not ourselves.

This isn’t in a grand sense; this is in an interpersonal sense. There is the “I” and then there is the “others”, those who are not the “I”. Yet why is it that we concern ourselves so much with those who are not the “I”? Why do we concern ourselves with the other?

The “I” is what we can control; others we cannot. We should be expecting the actions of ourselves to be in line with the values and virtues that we espouse. When others do not share those same values, chastising them, berating them, judging them does little to any effect, other than to build on our own stresses and waste energy. If we wish to change others, then bringing ourselves into line with our values, being an example, is the best way forward.

Manage the “I” first and always before ever worrying about trying to manage the other.

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