It’s an arbitrary number. There really is no meaning behind it. There was only the thought of what time in the morning made the most sense. If one really wanted to argue it, each time makes as much sense as the next. Thus little rhyme or reason as to why I chose this time over others exists.

Anyway, as I’ve been trying to get at least a few days ahead in my writing of blog posts, I decided to start using the scheduling feature on WordPress. 9:00am seems like just as good a time as any other, meaning that going forward (as long as I keep up with it, which let’s be honest, I’ve stumbled a bunch here) each day’s blog post will be posted at 9 in the morning… note, that it’s 9:00am central time, or Chicago time if you’d prefer.

As far as anything extra, such as when I post a poem (trying to get back to Wednesdays there) or flash fiction stories (Free Fiction Fridays), they’ll go later, probably 11:00am central right now on their respective days, but I am not committed to that (nor have I shown the wherewithal to keep up with it yet).

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