I have a goal with my writing. I want it to be simple. I want my writing to be concise, not flowery. Of course, the poet in me loves to play with language. When trying to convey ideas though, simpler is always better.

Readers are clever though, so the temptation to get more complex is there. The urge is to run through with this super complex plot thread that people are not only able to follow, but they also discuss for hours on end. Yet, there is an astounding amount of genius to be found in simplicity. Simplicity can produce an astounding amount of emotion. Just think of the famous one sentence story that was believed to be from Ernest Hemingway (it probably wasn’t): “For sale, Baby shoes, Never worn.”. Why not be simpler in our story telling? In our blogging? In our writing in general?

Complexity can be fun in many ways, but unless handled well, it ends up becoming noise. Noise isn’t always fun.

To do more with less is a goal worth chasing. If I can impart a greater meaning with fewer words… well then that is what I need to be doing.

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  1. Simplicity may look basic, but getting there is the hard part. There’s also the line between simple and bland. But I guess that’s what our job is as writers to figure out. Thanks for this post, Jeremy!

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