Some Days Are Harder…

It took until nearly 7pm at night before the writing even started. There was no family emergency. There was no other thing going on. For some reason, I simply could not get the motivation to write. Instead, I went about the day as though writing was not a priority.

Eventually, as the time slipped away, I pushed to get the writing done. I achieved my goal of 1,000+ words of fiction to add one more day onto the current streak. While that’s a good thing, the concern inside that this will happen again. And maybe it will.

Some days are just harder. They sneak up on us for seemingly no reason. We wake up only to find that whatever energy we thought we would have is more than elusive; it simply is non-existent. Motivation appears absent too, taking a sick day from everything around. Yet, even as these might be the case, we still need to press forward.

It’s even harder when confronted with those things that we don’t have to do. Writing falls into that category for me. There is nothing in the world that is demanding I face it, such as in the case of a job or a family. And while there is a mysterious need that is constantly there to put words down on pixels or paper, it lacks the same presence as that of job or family. It doesn’t have the societal demand that will damn us if we ignore them. Yet, no matter what the pressures to do them, the work, the family, and even the writing don’t go away. They remain to be tackled. Each and every day they must be tended to, no matter if motivation, energy, or whatever fails us.

So I still wrote yesterday. And although I failed to post something here, I still hit my primary goal of a word count in fiction. Today, I get back into the chair first thing in the morning and resume the habit I seek to build. Today it isn’t as hard. But some days are hard. And I’ll face them just the same.

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