The Trick

The trick of blogging everyday… topics. It’s a skill that I have yet to master. Each day I sit in front of this computer, ready to write in theory, expecting to use the exercise of blogging to grease the wheels of creativity and motivation. Sometimes, a topic pops into my brain and I slog through a few hundred words— satisfactorily achieving some semi-coherent essay on whatever that idea was. Other days, there’s a blank. And that is what I am trying to train through.

Granted, having allowed my site to fall into a position where cobwebs took over, it seemed to me as though the act of blogging each day was not important. Then a little piece of advice came through from Seth Godin in his book “The Practice: Shipping Creative Work”, that stated that it is a good exercise to blog every day, not expecting anything but practice from it. It’s an act of producing quantity, not quality…

Yet it is all about quality.

I’ve already blogged about this on several posts. Recently. It’s digging through the crap to find the gems. It’s also like batting practice for a baseball player.

Given the advice, I resurrected the idea of trying to blog every day. Without the announcement. Without talking about it— just doing the work. But as I get deeper into it, I find it a struggle to find stuff to write about.

The previous statement is false, so let me rephrase it:

I struggle to find topics I feel confident enough to write about. Or that won’t take me hours and hours to write and end up being many thousands of words of thought exploration. I want it to be somewhat quick. Brief. Interesting.

Thus I am here again, repeating topics. It’ll probably happen again and again as I figure this whole thing out. The practice should help though, eventually pulling me out into more interesting areas of writing. Here’s looking forward to that day. And here’s to the many days of practice to get there.

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