Remind yourself

Life has been especially perilous. It hasn’t helped that it feels as though there is an industry behind all the bad news, that someone stands to gain money or power the more frightened the populous can be. Each moment that there seems like relief will come is followed by another report urging us to sacrifice everything in the hopes that we will stop this invisible danger that is lurking around us. And that these sacrifices are asked of us with no sign of a plan, or knowledgeable guidance from those of influence compounds the already compounded strain our lives are in now.

What can we do then when all around us appears to be crumbling, that our lives might now be irreparably different than what they were months ago?

We remind ourselves that change is constant.

Good may not last, yet neither is bad.

What is not in our control is not worth our pain as worrying about that which we cannot change only adds to the suffering.

Though we may lose some of those we love, their memories can live on in joy so long as we let them.

If we remind ourselves to focus on the things we can make better, we may have a chance to make the world a better place.

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