Lubing Up

A funny thing occurred to me yesterday while I was out in the rain walking. Thought was stirred by a belief that I was having trouble figuring out what to talk about, or write about, every day on my site. Along with writing 1,000 words in fiction every day I am trying to write a post on my site every day. I’ve made it now 18 days (including today) in a row… I’ve kept this up for 18 days…

These things are possible. It’s funny, because even though I might repeat topics (writing is continuously mentioned on here), I am finding something to put on here with regularity. Even when my back is against the wall and I am stressed to get something up before the day ends, I managed it. Yet the worry is there.

It’s the same with writer’s block too. I am always worried that it’ll turn up like an ugly bully, ready to pummel me into submission.

One of the solutions recommended to get rid of writer’s block is to well… write. Weird, true, but the fact is that it tends to work. Granted, the stuff that one writes when trying to overcome writer’s block is generally garbage. There’s no guarantee though that anything that I write when not trying to overcome writer’s block is anything better. Forced writing is like a lubricant. It might not be good, but it helps to get the wheels spinning. And the more that I write, the more able I am to do so.

Same goes with this whole venture of blogging every damn day: the more often I do it, I am strangely able to do it more often. This is even as I censor myself from writing some of the more controversial things I sometimes want to write, I am able to come up with another topic.

Eventually this will get even easier as I press on, as I align many more of my personal life to accommodate this hobby, or dream of mine. The point is to never let myself stop.

And I’ll certainly try to keep going.

Featured image another one by Jeremy C Kester (aka me)

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