To Rebuild a Habit

A number of my last posts have been dedicated to the issues I’ve had in writing every day. It’s been tough, absolutely. Yes. Indeed. Despite the trials in it, the capability is there. I know it is. The near 300,000 words I wrote last year with a good consistent running shows that I can do it.

I had a habit. I need to rebuild that habit.

Fear aside, one would think that the task should be easy. Just sit in front of a notebook or a computer and place words on that particular medium, right?

Honestly, yes.

This is exactly what I need to do. Simple. The words will flow, sloppily at first. As I work more with it, they will grow in volume, flowing more easily onto the page.

I don’t expect that I’ll be 100% by tomorrow, but tonight I will start that grueling journey. Tonight I will start with the intention of writing every day going forward.

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