8 Days and Counting

It’s a little soon to be celebrating, but we should take wins where we can get them sometimes.

After reviewing my writing habits of what I wrote in January, I made little tweaks to my fiction writing goals each day until I reached 800. I’ve been holding it there as it seems to be a comfortable place before I increase it to 850 today. I am going to hold it at 850 for a week and then increase it to 900 the week after, etc. It’s been tough at times to make adjustments in my days to accommodate that much writing. But for eight days I have kept up with that. I am looking for today to be day number nine. The effort has been rewarding. The persistence compounding. Even though it’s only been ten days since started holding myself accountable to a word count each day, it is proving a promising endeavor.

2 responses to “8 Days and Counting”

  1. Just remember even if you are not writing but doing stuff related to your book. It counts.


    1. Oh, I absolutely agree. I am just trying to build that habit of writing every day, no matter what. It is weird how much easier it gets the more often it’s done.

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