Abandon Ship!

As time marches on and I get closer to working on goals, I often end up deciding on cancelling out on “big plans” I make for myself. These are often things that sound awesome to do, but are usually things that I have less-than-full-enthusiasm in making happen. They are things where I end up knowing that working on them will not only steal away from other things I am trying to make happen. Either that or I just don’t really want to do it.

Right now, that thing is the atheist blog that I wanted to create.

I had bought a URL and everything. Despite still being an atheist, I just don’t have the energy, or the ideas, to dedicate to another blog. Or the passion. Atheism is important, sure. My personal site and other creative dreams are far more important. So like the political blog I had wanted to produce at one time, this atheism blog idea will be sent the way of the dodo. Extinct.

But where acceptance of failure in one area rests, it opens space to consider another creative avenue opening up: my webcomic.

Being that I had been struggling for a name for that comic, I have now decided that it will be called “Godless World.” It’ll be a webcomic of lots of random things, not too unlike comics like the Oatmeal, XKCD, and Oglaf (although much cleaner than Oglaf), with a few contiguous arcs. using it as a way to draw and convey my strange, inappropriate ideas that I don’t normally write much about. (Think the idea that others joke about Jesus being a zombie and you’ll understand what I mean by ‘strange, inappropriate ideas.’)

The goal and plan is that the comic will begin around March/April starting weekly. I have a growing list of ideas I want to draw that will carry me for some time alongside my normal writing. It’s about slowly building up the skills that will help to carry this all forward. More writing wasn’t something I could build on without sacrificing elsewhere. Drawing on the other hand helps to reinforce my creative drive and shouldn’t break into time or energy I use for writing.

I am not expecting great things from my webcomic. It is going to only be another creative outlet that I will put out for others to enjoy. The URL will be godless.world (I know, great SEO). Keep your eyes out!

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