My Time is Up

This is an unfortunate coincidence with the movement, but no, this post will have nothing to do with any opinion on the feminist movement. In this case, I am actually going to be talking about time. Specifically how I manage it. Or rather, how I don’t manage it very well.

In an earlier post in the whole 8 days that 2018 has been in existence, I wrote about writing down all of the tasks that I have been creating to get myself into a position to make my writing take off this year. All those tasks are a great thing. However, now that they are written out (at least all of the ones I know of so far), I have to start figuring out how I am going to cross them off the list. To complete them. And that means work.

This has led me into the wonderful world of time management. Fun, right? Not entirely. Necessary though. Fact is, I have a large number of pockets throughout the day where I am completely unproductive, even at rest. So I decided that it is time to change that. To get better.

Then it brought me to this site listing 18 different tools for time management. I am all about tools. It’s all about finding the right tools for the things that need tooling. My time is one of them. So I will be trying a few from that list of 18. First up will be the 7 minute life. I’ll let you know how that works out.

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