The Rubberband Trick


I am all about hacks… so long as they work. Put more clearly I like hacks that work for me.

Part of any process is finding the tools that work well for what you are trying to do. And what works for one person or process might very well not work for you. But one might!

In a recent podcast for Nerdist with Dominic Monaghan, he mentioned that he always kept a rubber band on his wrist. The reason? Any time he has a negative thought, he snaps the band. It’s a way he uses to train his brain to not accept thinking negative thoughts.

I tried it. And it’s working. Believe it or not. I’ve snapped it on multiple occasions and it’s almost brought my brain right to attention. It doesn’t hurt really much at all, but it is enough to call attention to it. Because of that, I am sticking with it. It works, so I am not messing with it.

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