Beginning Habit 2

my copy of the book

What we lack is a sense of personal leadership. Making sure we “begin every task with the end in mind,” of being a leader of self is the primary lesson of habit 2.

As I’ve continued to struggle implementing habit 1, being proactive, I decided to continue my reading of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R Covey. While I admit that I am struggling with habit 1, it isn’t without improvements. I am more mindful at least in moments where I allow my emotions to take charge rather than my controlling them. And keeping ahead of tasks, proactively tackling things rather than waiting is tough for a chronic procrastinator. Like trying to sell ice in Antarctica. It can be done… but not without a LOT of work.

Anyway, it made sense to revisit the book and move on to the second habit while I continue to build on my skills.

So how does one begin leading one’s self? I guess I’ll find out as I read on!

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