I must be sleeping wrong. Yesterday I woke up with a kink in my neck and a weirdly sore elbow. I’ve skipped the gym because of it. While a part of me relished that I could rest longer before going to work instead of going to work out, I am upset that I am skipping it.

But I am injured.

There’s an old mindset that injuries were to be walked off. Yes and no. Tightness, soreness, fatigue from a workout? Yes, walk that off. Can’t move your neck? Pulled a muscle? Stay home! Heal up before risking making it worse. Doing anything different, even walking it off in a manner of speaking, seriously could make the injury worse. I know. I’ve done it before. Particularly with my neck. And I already lack full mobility in my neck.

Even when I’ve gone in to work out, avoiding using said injured muscle group, I end up doing more harm. Basically you use more muscles in exercises than you think, even if they are only used to keep you stable.

So be safe. If you are injured, let yourself heal. Now if only I felt good about that.

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