Chess with Friends

So it started on a whim. Another writer (I am keeping said writer confidential as it would feel like a name-drop if I wrote it here) was wondering about chess games active around where he/she was.

Some time ago I had heard that there was a Chess with Friends app. I had never downloaded it myself, but it seemed like the perfect solution. I’ve been wanting to play chess and no one around me enjoys it save my one friend/neighbor… but he plays other board games with my family and I all of the time. No time for chess there.

Opportunity knocked, so I told this writer about the app and challenged. It was accepted. So I quickly downloaded it as well and we are now in the middle of a game. It goes to show you, trust your instinct and go for it. It’s a nice little boost to my mood to be playing, and playing against a person whom I look up to.

Want to challenge me? My user name is JeremyK591!

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