Changing Gears

As one can see from the preceding post on this site, I recently changed the way that this url is hosted. It was sparked from the fact that I was paying over $150/year for the hosting and all the stuff that went along with it for this site as well as Being that I a) didn’t have the readership yet, and b) I decided long ago to never have ads on my site (other than for specific friends’ works or my own), it made it difficult to personally justify paying for hosting. Now I could have downgraded to a cheaper provider, but reality is that I just didn’t want to pay much more than the costs of the urls themselves.

After the changes I made, I started thinking of plenty of other things about my writing. Some were brought on by the reduced functionality of the site; others were created out of a need to change what and how I was doing things. Coming out of a solid 2+ months of bad writer’s block, it was necessary.

First off, I am going to keep deactivated. I am holding onto the url, but it is not going to be an active site. Doing anything with the site though proved daunting and difficult to keep up with. Perhaps I might just point it to this site, but I haven’t decided. I have the url on my books though, so I have to figure something out.

Next, I am moving “Of Earth and Ice,” my free web-serial, exclusively over to Wattpad. Now for those who are not familiar, it is FREE and will remain so. You just need to go to Wattpad or download the app for it to view the stories. I had mirrored the first 6 stories there, but I had not kept up with it. (A pattern emerges!) April’s story isn’t quite ready as I’ve been distracted with life and the aforementioned writer’s block, but once I get back on track, it’ll be about every month a new story comes out.

Additionally, I will be moving “The Vigil,” the other web-serial that has been absent from my site for some time now, over to Wattpad. This will not be updated monthly as I try to maintain with “Of Earth and Ice,” but rather it will post whenever I get stories written.

Another item that I am going to try out is posting the first draft of my YA story Mazzy up onto Wattpad as well. I’ve toyed with the idea of putting up some of my novels as free reads in their early stages, and I think that this one would be a good fit. Over the coming months I will post up the chapters I have finished eventually getting to the point where I am putting up more as I finish them right up to completing the book. After that, who knows what I will do with it.

All-in-all I am trying to avoid making the same mistakes that I repeat frequently. All I do is reboot with little difference in what I do. Well it’s time to change that.

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