Coming Soon: 2021 Month of the Macabre

It’s coming soon!

Like last year, I want to try another swing at the Month of the Macabre, a celebration of October and all things weird and dark and scary. Last year, I only got a few short stories in before I petered out in the whole endeavor, so this year, I knew I needed to change a few things.

Here in 2021, I am not planning on posting something every day. In fact, I am not even going to post something every other day. To make it easier on myself, more likely that I put out something that might be even half-OK, and to make it more likely that I reach Halloween, I plan to replace the normal posts for the month of October with short stories for Mondays and Fridays, and then spooky, demonic themed poems for Wednesdays during the month.

Starting with October 1st, I plan one spooky or dark short story (500+ words) each Monday and Friday through the month. The only exception will be on Halloween itself where I plan to release one final story, making a total of 10 short stories and 4 poems for the month.

To be clear, I have 4 short stories already in the works with the rest planned right now and a little more than 2 months to get my ass in gear to write this stuff! I am not promising mind-blowing stories, only things that celebrate the themes of the month.

But one of the things I was thinking of doing was being a host site for other creepy stories. Basically a fun spot that others can share their stories. It’s something I am toying with, being as really I have nothing to offer other than being a spot to post. What do you think? Good idea or bad idea? (Besides posting my own work that is…)

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