Yesterday was skipped. Not in a literal sense as there is no way to actually skip the experience of a day. It isn’t even in the sense of not celebrating the holiday. What was skipped was the writing. Yesterday was a day without writing… and it was OK.

I went into yesterday, Christmas Day, with the expectation of treating it much like any other day. Then something changed after I initially woke. As I laid in bed, the choice came to me to do as was planned or to actually treat the day as it was, a holiday. The latter seemed to be the obvious choice.

The day was spent with family, only a few moments taken away from that. It was nice to be able to wake up late, enjoy the holiday, and spend time with family. The writing would be there when I returned, as it is this morning. There is no changing that. Today I continue to rebuild the habits I’ve been working on.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and now as we turn our sights over to the new year, here’s to hoping we see a better year than 2020.

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