Temptation sits on the desk next to you. Her legs are crossed, smooth and soft as they gently graze against the edges of your hand. You want her. You feel your pulse raise, heat rising through your collar. Every so often her hand lifts, teasing your arm, your shoulder, your ear. Pressure builds as you want to divert your attention to her. She wants you to. She wants you.

But you have to get your work done.

Being tempted to divert attention away from getting tasks done is a normal pratfall of life. It sits there, waiting for the prime opportunity to derail us from our goals. And every time it happens, we damn ourselves for falling for it.

This thought all came to me as I was walking through my work and stumbled upon donuts left out for the staff to enjoy. Problem is, I am trying to get myself back into a healthier state and I was mid-fast. Would it be a big deal if I had a donut? In the grand scheme of things, it probably isn’t. But eating that donut would not be in line with my goals. But damn I love donuts.

I walked away. Far away. I had the kick temptation out of the room to focus on what I want, which in this case is to be healthier.

Temptation will be back, I’m certain. I am sure that resisting her will often be difficult. I’ll fail to do so on occasion. But dammit, today I won.

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