I’ve been dealing with a number of setbacks lately. I was able to get back up to my goal of 1000 words of fiction a day. The issue was, that although I was able to achieve it, my habits have continued to be less-than-desirable. Thus, I’ve been at best stumbling over the finish line if I even cross the finish line.

It has to do with how I manage time throughout the day. What I choose to do at each point of the day influences just how successful I will be later. Am I setting myself for success or am I only rolling the dice, hoping that the rest of the day will go smoothly enough that I’ll be lucky?

Most times, I am crossing my fingers that my day will go smoothly. Murphy’s Law will derail that hope on most days.

To combat that, I need to be making better choices.

Do I wake up and get up or lay there? I need to get up right away. Write. Read. Set my goals for the day. By doing so points me in the right direction immediately.

How do I handle a distraction? If it is a distraction of work, family, or life, meaning that I should turn my focus to it? OK. But if it is only that I am suddenly opening Instagram, Facebook, or turning to some other non-productive activity? Pause. Think about why I am distracted. Turn myself back towards the priorities.

Am I using free time effectively? Have five minutes? Plan. Write. Read. Learn. Or use it purposefully for a brief respite. If it’s a respite, set a timer and then move back when it goes off. We all need breaks every so often, that’s understandable. Have a little fun. Take a minute or five. Just don’t get caught up in it.

Days will never cooperate if I am not working to set myself up for the success I am after. And if it’s not the day itself, were I not continuously keeping myself pointed in the correct direction, I would derail my own success.

That can no longer be acceptable.

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