Into Review

Whelp, it happened. I’ve added #7 to my list of projects in the review stages. This week I moved “The Plagued Life of Agnes Pyle” (Agnes Pyle book 2) into the review stage. I am going to let it sit for a few weeks while I focus on 2 of the other projects before I jump into it.

What does that mean for my daily writing though? It means I am moving onto another project!

Remember a few Free Fiction Friday posts ago? I had been champing at the bit to write a WWII steampunk action adventure with hints of Indiana Jones, Brisco County Jr, and a few other inspirational sources and landed upon the idea of “Colton Skyward Chronicles”.

This project is 100% about fun. And at that, action-adventure type fun. I do not intend any deep thematic tones, so in a lot of ways this one will be easy to write. This will be about the size of a normal book (60K-ish words), and I should be able to wrap it up in draft around late-November, maybe longer depending on if I displace some of my daily writing over to reviewing in order to clear out the backlog. We’ll see.

That’ll continue even after I finally get to the point where I can afford an editor…

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