The Slow Climb

Three is the start of a streak. As of yesterday, I’ve written fiction three days in a row. Three days is a streak. Each day I’ve written a little more than the day prior. And overall, I’ve written in general every day since the 10th of this month (September), including today. And for me this year, it’s a promising step.

Making incremental improvements each day has become an important goal of mine of late. I mean, I’ve written enough lately talking about this. Given that writing is my #1 dream, besides family and close friends, my focus is exactly on that. And trying to drop the bullshit that is setting me back every day is becoming a great task to undertake.

One of the things I am realizing that I do when taking the time to be an observer of myself is that I tend to zone out quite often. Sometimes it is while I am on a phone, sometimes on a computer, and sometimes it is simply my sitting in a place, my mind blank. (Of course, since I am in an observer state, my mind isn’t completely blank, but I am removed enough to understand what is happening.) In addition, I’ll often reach for easy entertainment, mostly my phone, but sometimes a remedial site, and then I will drift off into a period of 15 minutes (often longer) where I am mindlessly moving through whatever. These are the things I am trying to change.

But it is a slow climb. Getting back to a point of writing over 1000 words a day will be a slow climb. Making those small improvements every day will be huge, pursuing more valuable things, like growth.

And here’s to getting through another day with that goal in mind.

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