From vacation to life

Today I am back. Today I have returned to the daily grind of work. Granted, I am traveling as part of the new position that I have within the company I work for, but still today I have returned to work… to normal life.

For longer than the last week, I was on vacation. During that time, I didn’t write. (I read a bunch, but I didn’t write.) In fact, my time was spent on family activities or relaxing. Of course, I regret that decision as I’ve been struggling with my writing for nearly a year now. Anxiety, stress, and life in general have been enough to overcome. Choosing not to write on purpose appeared like it was the right decision, and in ways, it was as much as it wasn’t.

Over the next few days I’ll be jumping back into the fray. It might take some time before I return to some sense of normalcy, whatever that means for me right now.

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