What Happened to Me?

It’s almost halfway through October and I am finding the urge to write difficult to manifest. I’ve all but fallen from the wagon that was my writing torrent this year, struggling to even open my notebook or my computer. It’s happened on a few random occasions in the last week, although the words are no longer flowing in any regular fashion.

In large part, I understand that my inability to write in the volume that I had been was due to my not writing for an extended period of time. Initially, it was planned, but then it became unplanned. Like before, I will have to start forcing myself into the habit to regain that level that I was at not long ago.

The problem is, my life took a heavy hit last week. Couple that with a Disney vacation (6 days at Disney and Universal is brutal) and then immediately travelling for work, I was ill prepared to then face the news my family received in the middle of it. Suffice to say, it was really bad news. Bad enough that my wife, son, and I took an unexpected trip to Philadelphia to be with loved ones.

Writing is therapy to me. Writing is a way I like to process information, to process emotions, or things that I have difficulty talking about. I am so exhausted that I am unable to keep it up. I am so drained that writing only further exhausts me. I am so blindsided by the news I received that I’ve yet to sort out the emotions to the extent that I need to even put pen to paper effectively.

So that is where I am at right now. Writing is on hold. Patreon, stories, publishing, editing… all on hold, at least for a little while longer.

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