My New 5 Minute Rule

We all make little rules to try to avoid bad behaviors. Or at least in some cases it’s to avoid traps. I’ve made many over the years, most failing to make any lasting change. No matter, however, as I continue to try. So I have another.

Starting tomorrow I am going to restrict myself to only 5 minutes to play on social media. (I would have started today, but I already went beyond the time before I thought of doing this.) It’s to help push me to more fulfilling, productive activities, rather than just mindlessly scanning through. In those 5 minutes, I should be able to scan through and get more than a filling of it all.

Now this is not to say that I cannot post anything but for 5 minutes. It’ll be tricky, but I believe that I can succeed when if I want to post something to just jump on, post, then log back off until the 5 minutes are up.

Often I go onto these sites for a quick minute to distract me, only to find that 15 minutes later I am still mindlessly scrolling past posts I looked at the last time I was on. Queue the poor feelings, etc. More and more I just want to get away while recognizing that it is going to be a necessary evil in conjunction with my marketing strategies (should I ever figure even one marketing strategy out).

We’ll see how this one goes. No matter what happens though, I’ll keep pushing forward.

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