Music I Love

I like music. A lot. I don’t think that by any means that I am special in this category, or that I like music any more than the next person. I just like it a lot.

Music is actually an important part of my writing process too. Often I use songs to place me into the mood for certain stories that I am writing. For instance, 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Kings and Queens” and Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” helped push me through writing the Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle. Other’s, like Vienna Teng’s “Gravity” were the inspiration for an entire universe.

I like a wide variety of styles, from EDM to metal to rock to classical to hip hop, my soundtrack will often reflect my mood.

But there are bands that have just struck me in such a way that I find it hard to turn off when they are on, and even harder to not be constantly going back to them over and over and over again. I wanted to share those bands with everyone. So here are some of my favorite bands right now.

These guys enjoy the spot of being my all time favorite band. Period. They’ve been so since I found out about them when their self-titled album hit (I have never been great at being ahead of the music curve), but I quickly devoured them after going back all the way to Omaha Sessions and still craving them today. They are one of the few bands that brighten my mood no matter what.

Yes, I spelled that correctly. This indie, Scottish, electro-pop trio was introduced to me during the Nerdist podcast interviewing Lauren Mayberry, the adorable and wonderfully outspoken (seriously read this article) lead-singer of the group. I heard “The Mother We Share” that Chris Hardwick tagged on the end of the cast and it gave me chills. Since then, they’ve been nipping on 311’s heels and have been obsessively in my rotation. I am eagerly awaiting their 3rd album.

I describe these guys as just plain fun. Their music is upbeat and fun to listen to. Ever since hearing “Honestly,” I was hooked.

Heavy and melodious, these guys appeal to that harder edge. Whenever I am in the mood for some hard rock or even metal, I’ll often look to these guys first. There is something about the blend of Pete Loeffler’s vocals and their guitar rhythms that appeals to me.

Barenaked Ladies (and Steven Page)
I was introduced to these guys shortly before “One Week” became a big hit. With my only disappointment is in Steven Page leaving the band taking with him part of the whole that was BNL that I loved. In a way though, I enjoy twice that sound now than I did before. They still make some great songs and put on fun shows while the distinct sound of Steven’s voice is fulfilled through his now solo career.

New Found Glory
Oh these guys are fantastic. In that pop punk/alternative style, they reign supreme in my eyes. With my personal feeling that their album “Catalyst” fell short, they picked it right back up and have been hitting it out of the park since.

This is new. I only discovered these guys recently thanks to a friend, but I love them. I’ve been a bit obsessed with them recently and their fun, funk style. They also have fun with themselves as you can tell from some of their videos.

Gabriel Fauré
This is my favorite classical composer. The way that he blended baritone vocals in particular (my vocal range) is absolutely haunting. I cry listening to his choral work and devour the other pieces he has written.

There’s plenty more. Way more than I can really list. And plenty of songs that I love from bands I don’t particularly enjoy otherwise. I will be sure to share a lot of them over time. And in no way do I believe that these are the greatest bands. They are just the ones I love the most.

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