Social Media Minefield

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I am trying. I am trying so hard to avoid social media right now. When I am on it, I skim through, ready to run away at any mention of Star Wars. I haven’t seen it yet, and unlike with the Force Awakens and Han Solo’s death, I want absolutely nothing in this one spoiled for me.

It’s difficult. I know. When you see something that has excited you, disappointed you, or whatever, you want to talk about it. Sometimes that something is big. Has a huge following. And is wrapped up with a myriad of emotions from a number of people. Star Wars is one of those things. Especially for my son and I.

This won’t be an issue for too long. Sometime between tomorrow and next Thursday, I intend to make sure my son and I go to see it. But until then, I have to tread carefully through the minefield, careful not to step on a spoiler that might ruin it for me.

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