A little of this will be unstructured, stream-of-consciousness. It’s a topic that has been brewing in my mind for some time due to the reoccurance of a certain behavior. Actually it has been building over the course of a few years, just more recently brought closer to the surface. So now I write.

At least once per week on my way to my job, I experience an event. Now I must preface, I am never in a rush to get to work anymore. Not for a long time have I been. It has nothing to do with my hating my job, in fact, I enjoy foaming (a form of polyurethane chemical processing). It is not what I want to do to earn my living, but I do not hate it. I just have lost the sense that I NEEDED TO RUSH AND GET TO WORK AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. I used to speed a lot, typically due to enjoying the sporty 6-speed manual shift car I used to drive rather than being in any hurry.

For years I’ve noticed that on my way to work, I am passed… a lot. Although I am anywhere from 10 to 15mph over the speed limit, I am passed excessively and frequently. On the way home, it’s the opposite. I am typically the passer. And I am speeding no more than on my way into work. Recently, it’s gone even a step further and even though I am speeding, a certain road by my job people have been going around me. It’s a two lane road: 1 lane per direction. Again, I am going 40 in a 25mph zone, and they are passing me. It’s becoming close to a daily event. Sometimes the road this happens on isn’t double-yellow lined, so what they are doing isn’t necessarily wrong in principle. But then nearly as often people pull illegal passes, or they try to.

To be clear… I NEVER get passed on my way home. And no one ever tries to either.

So how is my speeding still not good enough to work, but it is excessive going home?

Why do people always need to be in a rush, particularly when going to work?

Why aren’t people in more of a rush to get home than to get to work?

I know that many people do not like their job. If I was writing for my career, I would be excited to get up and get to work (now there’s more here that I will explore later, because there’s a LOT wrong with myself and what I just said). The “9 to 5” job is a different story. I know there are a great many people who do not have any enthusiasm for the 8+ hour a day work they committed to.

Applying logic to the question then, I discern that there are three possible realities that spawn these behaviors:

  1. We hate our home life and would honestly prefer work over that (which I doubt is the case, but can see some correlation with general unhappiness and home life).
  2. Our capitalist society has driven us to a point that we undervalue personal time and overvalue work time. In other words, work is more important.
  3. The more likely cause… these people waited until the last possible moment to leave home to go to work.

No matter what the reason, it just seems strange to me that I see this at all. This society needs to slow down in so many ways. It’s like we are doing donuts in a parking lot with a sweet hot rod, pressing our foot closer and closer to the floor. It seems like a great time now, but eventually the centripetal force will throw us all out of control and into that wall nearby.

I know… pretty grim for a question about why people are passing me in the morning.

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