A Good Distraction

It’s been a busy holiday weekend. In a good way. And in getting home really late last night, I realized that I had forgotten to post something earlier. Or to prep a post ahead of time. No matter. That planned post will go on soon as a double-feature for today.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays we fill with opportunities for spending time with family and good friends. Honestly, doing so was more important than my concern over keeping up this site (sorry!). In fact, I was so wrapped up in the festivities that I forgot that it was Black Friday and that I had put some of my books on sale. Foolish, but that’s what it is. Things are calmed back to normal for a bit now, so I can get back to it.

I’ve written a few times on topics regarding health and happiness and modern society’s apparent disregard for it. Thanksgiving and Black Friday are prime examples, given the urge for shopping great deals over spending time building relationships with others. Needless to say, to keep up my view on the subject, I chose friends and family over all else, even writing for that matter. But now it’s back to business.

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