Vlogs maybe?

This one comes late. It was a long day of lying on the couch with my son (who’s sick) and catching him up on the Star Wars saga. He’s caught up. Loved all of the movies. Says his favorite was Return of the Jedi… score one for the original trilogy!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking lately on starting a weekly vlog. Not that I have a ton of time for it, but that would force me to keep it simple if I want to be able to manage it. So the idea occurred to me that I just make it something on my drive home from work, which is about 10 minutes. Not innovative as tons of people have filmed themselves blathering on while driving. That doesn’t matter though; I am not trying for clever innovations.

I’ve not filmed myself. I’ve not been on many videos besides things my family and I film. Hell, there’s not an updated enough picture of me that I could use as my author portrait. It’s a weird idea, but something I have been drawn to. Thoughts? Would this be something anyone would even care for?

Even if it is cathartic, I may just do it.

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