Picture Page

how true… wrote this one out after I heard that… not much to do with this post other than it is a picture.

I am not good at taking pictures. I am not sure whether or not I am ‘good’ at it or not, rather, I more often don’t think about it. It just doesn’t enter my mind to do.

Take the instances where my wife hands me her camera with the direct instruction to my taking pictures with it… Let’s just say that I tend to forget that I even have the camera, instead watching life and not photographing it. While one might say that not being so absorbed in being behind the camera is a good thing, when the intention of the moment is to take pictures, it becomes a detriment.

It should be no surprise then as to why there haven’t been too many pictures attached to my blog posts. Sometimes I get to it and get some form of an image up, just not with any frequency or consistency. And I want to. Believe me, I want to.

sometimes I do think to take a picture, even if it is just out of defiance.

I could use creative commons images. I’d rather use my own, however. Sure, sometimes that won’t be the case. I do want to make the majority using my own photos or images. That doesn’t resolve the real issue of the consistency. That’s the real issue.

I could stock up, making a point to go and get a few random images to satisfy some general number of things. I could put out reminders on my calendar or task lists… just something. Really taking pictures has to become a bigger priority to add to the feature of the blog posts on this site. The intention is to get better. I may not get there right away. As long as I keep trying though, it should get better.

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