On Building A Brand

It seems rather amusing that I should be writing about something that I am only familiar with on concept alone. In other words, I don’t know shit about brand building other than it being a thing. I know what a brand is. I just don’t really know much else. Except that it can be very important.

It has to be. The idea of it makes sense. From artists to companies, a brand can invoke a feeling, a sense of knowing what one is going to get. Disney is a good example. Apple another. As far as writers go, James Patterson, Stephen King, and Nicholas Sparks are all fantastic examples. Me… not so much.

Working off assumptions, voice and style are two of the biggest factors in a writer’s brand. For writers that hyper-focus on a genre, then that would also be a large part of the brand. It’s all a way to help a reader know what they are getting when they pick up said author’s book.

So what’s my brand?

Being an unknown, indie writer, the possibilities are endless. And I’ve thought a lot about that, about what I could make my brand. My feeling however is that making it something is disingenuous. Should I be chasing down a particular brand or letting the brand of Jeremy C Kester evolve as I do as a writer? The 2nd choice, definitely. All that I do should naturally aid in developing what my brand ends up being. The fact that I span genre’s, not quite sticking to one. The fact that I want to, and may soon start a web-comic. The daily blog posts. My poetry. All are a part of the growth I experience as a writer.

So should I really concern myself with my brand?

Yes. Of course. Just not anymore than being true to myself and my creativity, and letting the brand become what I become.

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