Choice of Action

Problems exist everywhere. There’s obstacles, setbacks, failures, and other things there that often derail ours’ and others’ goals. Whether we like it or not, they exist. They always will exist. Many are self-inflicted, and many are simply a condition of nature — they happen because they happen.

What are you doing about it?

It’s a simple question. It asks for action or inaction, though even inaction is an action. Are we throwing in the towel? Are we pushing forward? Are we paralyzed in fear or analysis, going over and over again the pros and cons of every possible scenario? Are we prone to whine and complain?

Whether we like it or not, we are going to have things go wrong in our lives and it’s our choice in how we are going to deal with them. We can choose to play the victim — to whine and complain and adopt the “woe-is-me” attitude — or we can hold our head up and do something about it.

We can look at obstacles, setbacks, failures, and the like as opportunities. They can be tests as to our skills rather than a judgment of them. We can choose to meet them head-on and to not let them determine what happens. And here’s the secret: we are actually the ones who choose. Sure, there are points at where it is far better to throw in the towel, to admit defeat and move on, but even up to that moment, we choose the outcome.

So what that something bad has happened. What are you going to do about it?

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