When do you stop? At what point do you push your foot to the brake and stop the movement? That question has come up to me this morning after another set of decisions that by themselves weren’t that bad, yet when they are all grouped together and successive, then they become a greater problem. After all, bad decisions sometimes aren’t necessarily bad when they are by themselves. Like drinking a couple of beers. Or having a milkshake. Those were just two of the decisions I made. They compounded with a few others and then I ended up laid out last night after the decision to drink the milkshake culminated the evening.

Again, they aren’t that serious. They aren’t big decisions that were poorly made; they were little choices. But they can still add up. And even when the consequences aren’t dire, it is still best to avoid them. In fact, I’ve often made the excuse to excuse many poor decisions in the vane of them being but small drops in the ocean. The ocean is made of many drops, but drops nonetheless. Better to learn from small opportunities than to allow them to grow to something more substantial.

The whole point is to not compound bad decisions. The ideal would be to not make any at all, but be that as it may, they do get made still from time to time. Better to then put the effort in to pump the brakes and stop the momentum. Don’t compound bad decisions.

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