Snowy Distractions

Ah, winter. The time of cold and snow. Where it snows overnight seemingly every time that the weather goes that direction. It seems that this week I’ve spent more time outside in the morning than I have been doing anything else. Others in the household need to get up to take shifts and therefore, being the most able-bodied or least injured, I must go clear the driveway.

To be honest, I quite enjoy winter. I love snow. I love the cold (although I am not a fan of being cold). Unfortunately, with the snow comes shoveling.

Shoveling is not that big of a deal. It gives me an excuse to be outside and to get some movement outside of normal routines. Unfortunately, the last few days, as it seems to repeat every winter, the snow came overnight requiring it to be cleared off in the mornings. That means that habits are forgotten in favor of shoveling in order to keep everyone else’s schedules on track.

It’s only frustrating, as good habits are fragile things. Especially right now, as it is still in the early stages of building my routine. It’s nearing a point of make or break, where which I either can overcome the urges to just give it up because it isn’t working or whether I will shift into the next phase of improvement. It’s a funny thing because it’s not a defined point in time; it’s a vague understanding. I know I am close to it.

Having these near back-to-back snowfalls following the holidays (especially New Year’s) is a strong test to the dedication of doing this whole waking up early to write thing I have been trying. Like everything, these setbacks are temporary. And it’s been teaching me some lessons as well, which makes it worth the experience. And for that, I am going to keep trudging along.

Although I’ve missed a few days here on updating the site, I will not let it compound to a point where it’s gotten in the past. Just like with this whole writing thing I’ve struggled with for over 20 years, these little setbacks aren’t going to stop me… shoveling be damned.

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