There Still Is Magic

Evening is approaching. Stars peak through the dark blue, their light approaching the destination after millions of years’ journey. They meet our eyes as we gaze towards the sky. Imagine them as they are now, burning… giving life to another world. Limits to the possibility are unbound even by the infinite reaches of our imaginations.

As darkness looms ever closer, more lights illuminate the sky. They twinkle against the background of the unknown, a painting of flame and fire as the clouds pass by, pushed by the effort to find balance, a soft gray reflecting another reflection of soft gray matter looming above our heads. It watches over us, waxing and waning as it travels along with our dreams.

One could get lost in the unknown, letting loose the restraints of life to allow their consciousness to travel among those fires we only now see, recalled only by the later light of our own source as dawn approaches. Red against dark blue create a violet fog to hide the sparkle of other possibilities. Night passes as the day had before it, returning to the circular forward march.

Time can have no meaning; time can have infinite reach. If only for a single moment that lasts for an eternity.

There still is magic. We only must be willing to feel it.

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