Done. Next!

Took me long enough. Yesterday (12/21/2020) in the early afternoon, a little more than four years since book 1, I finished what effectively is a rewritten 1st draft of the next chapter of “The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle”. By no means is the book ready. A lot of work is needed to get it ready for publication, but at least I got the first draft to a place that I feel is somewhat satisfactory. The revision will be heavy, which is OK. The question remains now, what to do next— because the writing must continue.

Taking on the next chapter of Agnes right now isn’t the right choice. I need to ensure that book 2 is at least tied down on plot and all before I start on book 3. Maybe a month or two from now, the revisions will start. When that is done, I’ll begin the next part.

Other projects are in need of work, so that’s what I’ll be doing in the meantime. I’ll revise and button up one of the many other projects that are sitting in waiting. There’s a few of them. When they are ready, I’ll be more apt to discuss them. Till then, for once I am going to remain mum to their progress, rather than jinx myself.

For new fiction, I’ll focus on short stories for a bit, trying out various ideas for stories that I’ve been wanting to write. Short stories will allow me to dabble in subject matters I wouldn’t touch in a novel yet. Some might end up published on here, Facebook, or even Instagram; most will stay in the vault. It’ll be a fun break from working through a major project. I’ll just write in a bunch of little projects to work out these writing muscles before jumping into the next big project.

While I am doing that too, I’ll start on the major outlines for 3 other stories I am planning. Two series and one standalone. It’ll be work that I’ve not done effectively before— that whole idea of outlining. Being a pantser writer, outlining is like this foreign concept. I mean, I know how to do it, I am just no good at it. It’s not a skill I even bothered to develop. So why not try?

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