Price Drop

We’re all trying to do our part. Most of us are doing so simply by remaining at home, secluded from as much of society as we can manage while still functioning. Meanwhile, we artists and creative folk are trying to figure out ways of staying viable, making a living, or otherwise in light of the economic impact of this pandemic.

For me, part of the way I chose to cope was to release a chapter of my book, “The Dangerous Life of Agnes Pyle”, each day until the book finishes. I am also trying to get back into a daily writing routine, trying to come up with pieces of flash fiction to release each day (although I am hopelessly troubled with getting this done— soon I believe I should get started on this). These stories of course will be very rough, short pieces meant for fun exercises. But even so, I want to do more. I want to allow people easier access to my work.

As such, I decided that it is time to drop the prices on all my books. All ebooks are being slashed down to $0.99 (where they aren’t already) and print will be taken down as low as I can while still having at least a few cents profit for me. I am not expecting this to do anything other than exist as an alternative for those who are interested to read my work without causing more damage to their wallet.

I understand that even a dollar can sometimes be too much, and that is why I will continue with the chapter-by-chapter releases of my books too… at least as long as I can. It is why I will continue to find ways to create free content on my site with as good quality as I can manage while retaining a higher output (the two don’t often go hand-in-hand). That’s neither here nor there. I believe that now, given the circumstances, I am certain that someone would prefer something that will entertain them over a guaranteed polished piece. (I am also certain an entertaining and polished piece is even more preferable, only with the former being required and the latter being a bonus.)

How long this will last, none of us know, and as such the sale timeline is also unknown. I will say that all my books, even new ones that I may release this year, will remain as inexpensive as I can manage them to be until at least September 2020, if not January 2021. Hope everyone is well!

Featured image by me.

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